The third day started as well as the other days in the primary school Trnovo, where we all met. As usual, we had activies in the gym and today, Germans prepared some interensting programme for us. We were divided into 10 small groups – mixed groups and we got some specific materials – 5 paper straws, 5 pieces of a tape, a bowl and an egg. We had to cover the egg to be safe. We had 20 minutes for preparation and it was really interesting because every group had different ideas and only three of them were the right ones, the others eggs just smashed. Then we had breakfast, as the previous days, which was really delicious. After that, we were divided into specific groups, one group worked on the website and the other went to the Craft room where they had really absorbing activity. They could make a robot with using of tools and materials from this room and the ideas and products of every one of the students were nice and the most important – they were unique.

-Timea Forraiová