Day 1:

               When we arrived to Strasbourg and find our hotel we had a small break.

               Our group was very hungry after that four hour long way. We found a restaurant with

               delicious foods and our teacher decided to eat lunch at here.

               After the great lunch we go to look around in the city.

Day 2:

               We wake up early in the morning and hurried to go to the Grand Hotel because our first

               meeting with the other countries almost started without Hungary.

               (By the way it started without Slovakia because they are still traveling.)

               We give our presents to the other people and then we started to do our tasks.

               After a few moments, we had lunch and then we continued to work.

               At the end of the day, we went to a street with full of souvenir shops and we buy kind

               presents for our parents and friends.

Day 3:

               In the morning we visited the building of Council Of Europe.

               We were watched movies about the EU and about the building.

               After that, we went to a restaurant near the Cathedral and then our group (with lating)

               went to the Grand Hotel to do the daily Workshop.

               When the teacher said: “We work enough today.” we went to a sightseeing boat trip with

               our group.

               At the end of the day we had dinner and went to sleep.